Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hope Valley Tunic

There, I finished my third tunic from Amy Butler's Mini Dress/Tunic pattern. The turquoise brown first, the black pindot second. This time I used gray slate print from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley. I love this line a lot. Maybe it's not a big eye catching print, and some people might find it not that exciting. Yes, it is rather a modest print, and that is what I like about. You might not know that I love the Civil War style fabrics though I don't carry them that much. (Well, if you guys find them more attractive, I will be able to carry more of them :-) Hope Valley definitely has the modesty of the Civil War fabrics with a bit of a modern twist. As the first two tunics, I love the way it turned out, and I love this pattern so much. So much that it became my shop uniform ever since the first one. And I know I will be making another one again...

a little red as an accent...


  1. Hello, ever since I visited your shop last spring, I've been enjoying your blog, but this will be my very first comment. And this tunic is very pretty and the fabric is lovely!

    I made items using the fabric I purchased from your shop, this one below, and more!

    Thank you for all the inspirations and the beautiful images of fabrics. いつも楽しませてもらっています♪

  2. Hi, chick chick sewing :-)
    Glad you enjoyed your visit to my shop and my fabrics. I saw the mouse pad turned fabric tray. Too bad that it didn't work as a mouse pad, but I'm sure your girls are enjoying the tray more :-) See you next time you are in town.