Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You

Today was the last business day of 2011, and it was a good day. As you know, it's been a crazy year. I closed the old shop and opened at the new location. Then, the accident happened. But, it turned to be the sweetest year too. I am so grateful for your love and support. People are sending me warm wishes for my boy's recovery. We've been receiving emails, cards, sweet treats, and even homemade dinner. You guys are so sweet. Thank you!!! He is doing very well and wants to tell you all THANK YOU. He had some friends over yesterday and the first thing they said was "wow, you look normal." Yeah, they had seen him at the hospital :-) The wounds on his face are almost gone, and it is hard to tell that he went through a head surgery just last week as long as he has a hat on. So, thank you again for all your support and we wish you a very happy new year.

i look up the window before getting in the car and there they are. my driving force...
bye mom...they send me off for work everyday from the window...
i know dash is missing to go to work with me, but i ordered him to keep the boy company at home and he is doing a great job :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm afraid that I might have ruined your sewing plans for the holidays because of the boy's accident. I know one lady was checking almost everyday to see if I received the whole collection of Echo. I was expecting lots of shipments last week, but because of the accident I had to ask my neighbor to receive my packages. Driving back and forth from the hospital, I picked up the packages, but I had to leave them in the shop without unpacking them until yesterday. So here it is! The whole collection is available (some prints are not photographed here). I have many ideas to make things with these. A bag. A table runner. A tunic. A pillow. A modern quilt would be very nice too. Or maybe a new table cloth to welcome a new year. Endless possibilities...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Open on Tuesday December 27

Just to let you know the shop is open today until 5pm...

Christmas Day

Thank you so much for your warm thoughts. He enjoyed reading your comments. Speaking of a helmet, he totally agrees with wearing it. On the second night in the hospital, he was sitting down on his bed staring in the air. I could see there were tears in his eyes. He wasn't feeling well that night and the tears were because of how sorry he was not wearing a helmet. He has one, but he just didn't wear it all the time. And I didn't force him either. He'll be writing a story on this accident for his school paper and be an ambassador to educate others to wear a helmet once he is able to go back to school. But he quits skating, he said :-)

So we had a pretty quiet Christmas. We needed to stay low at home. It was very nice. The boy gets tired pretty easily and has headaches once in a while, but he is doing well. He took a shower for the first time since Tuesday, and I gave him a little hair trim on the sides and back. It still looks pretty funny, but we don't care. He needs to shave it all at once after his stitches heal so it grows back evenly. Hope your day was filled with lots of love too.

opened the presents and cards...

played with the dog...during this crazy time, dash was being babysat by grandma and grandpa in santa cruz. he loves spending time at their place, but it seems that grandma and grandpa are enjoying his company more :-) every time he comes back home, he has new toys and clothes. during their regular morning walks, they had quite a lot of compliments on his christmas collar, grandma told us :-)
more playing...i think he looks pretty handsome in this sweater...
went for a short and slow walk and found this little branch on the sidewalk...
so the three of us reunited since tuesday (a christmas gift for me!), and guess who was happier than anybody else to see the boy at home...

dash: what?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Lucky Boy

I don't feel so comfortable talking about things too personal here since I can't be anonymous, but this has been effecting the shop's business hours. So I decided to write...

This was the view from my boy's hospital room. He had been hospitalized since Tuesday. He had a serious head injury called Epidural Hematoma while he was skateboarding. It was the second day of winter break. He was skating alone at school and fell pretty badly. He called me at work panicking, and while I was on the way, one of his teachers came to work and found him bleeding on his face. She called 911 and when I got there, he was already in the paramedic's care. I left my car there and went to SF General in the ambulance with them. My long day started since then. Being in an ER was crazy, but they were an amazing team! They didn't waste a second and made sure not only the boy was looked after, but that I was feeling okay as well. He was conscious all those hours, so we were positive about his condition. But after CAT scan, they found that his skull was fractured and there was internal bleeding. They had to stop the bleeding and remove the clot right away. The neurosurgeon team quickly arrived and explained to me what needed to be done. Yes, there were some risks that scared the hell out of me. After everything was over, I was told what saved his life was that he received the medical treatments very quickly from the fall to the surgery. If his teacher didn't see him at the accident site and call 911, he could have been dead, his doctor told him. Everyone said he was very lucky. He has wounds all over his body and face. His left side face is so swollen that he can hardly open his left eye. And he will have a huge scar on his head for the rest of his life. But,the important thing is that he is ALIVE! That's all matters. He is recovering remarkably and came home yesterday. He needs to rest and recover at home for the next few weeks. So this was the reason for the emergency sign if you saw it on the door. And my apologies to those who traveled to the shop and found out that the shop was closed. Thanks for understanding and I wish you all happy and safe holidays.

***The shop will be closed on December 24, 25, 26.
Lucky to be alive! Wear a helmet, everyone. Peace out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bike Shirt

I know it is not seasonally appropriate, but this is something I was working on. A bike shirt for the boy. I felt more comfortable sewing a collar this time. He liked the print. I handled the button holes well. I even put my label on. He tried it on. It looked great on him except that it was a couple of inches too short for him. Noooooooo :-( Lesson learned...I will not cut the fabric pieces and leave them for more than a month. The kid grows like a weed. I will have to make another one soon.

boy: am i done yet? i gotta catch the bus. the guys are waiting...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know many of you have been asking if I have received Lotta Jansdotter's Echo. I've been waiting for this collection since July. I will be receiving all the prints from the collection soon, but today I only received these in the photo. The rest of them should arrive next week, probably Tuesday. As usual, her designs are simple, modern, and Scandinavian. There are a plenty of fabrics which are described as simple and modern, but her stuff just stands out. You know what I mean? Who doesn't love her stuff? All the Japanese do (she is huge in Japan)! I can't wait to receive the rest of the collection.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cupcakes and Ornaments

okay, the tree is up and my holiday baking spirit is upon me again this time of the year. I made those last night for Santa :-)

cupcakes and christmas ornaments...aren't they cute together?
well, my regular little guys are here again...

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yes, I know it's December, but I'm not feeling it this year. I'm usually quick at switching gears from fall to winter around the house, but I've been very slow this year. Our door is still decorated with a leaf garland, and the pumpkins are still sitting by its side. Yeah, I took out our tiny tree out from the closet, but it's sadly standing there without ornaments. The only place we feel Christmas spirit is on the cabinet in the entryway where I created a winter wonderland. Have you seen the December cover? It's still not complete. I don't know if I am ever going to get any corner of my home ready for the holidays. Is your home ready for the holidays?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Open on Tuesday, December 6

Just had a cup of cream corn soup. The shop will be open today. See you soon...