Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sew & Tell - Yufu's Double Apron Dresses

Yufu's little girls' joint birthday party is well under way. The place is booked. The invitations are out. The menu is decided. And the dresses are ready. Sounds like a wedding :-) Well, a birthday party in an early age is just as a big deal as a wedding for a young mother, right? Anyways, the girls are ready for it too. They just love mom's handmade apron dresses! How cute! Did you notice? It's pink :-) Yes, the girls love pink. And so do I. Thank you always, Yufu, Saho, and Shino!
P.S. The chocolate cake was awesome. Totally loved it. Thank you again.

a moment like this makes me long for a sister...

Yufu used this May Flower print in pink...

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