Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Love

I drink coffee in the morning with my morning mug. That basil green one you might have seen somewhere on my blog. It's just out of my habit, and it's the only mug that holds two cups of coffee. But, in the afternoon on my day offs, I drink tea. English, Chinese, or Japanese. Tea helps me relax after a hard days work around the house. And when I drink tea, it's not that green mug that serves me. It may be a silly yellow hen mug, or one with a blue piggy, or an earthy Japanese cup. But, today I chose an avocado green cup and saucer. Yes, I have some cups and saucers, but hardly use them myself alone. It was more relaxing, and I think the saucer helped me feel that way. Or was it The Beatles on the background? No, I know it was the saucer. It's funny, but it's true. Yeah, drinking out of a mug is just another day thing, but a cup and saucer make my Monday tea time richer. It's my indulgence.

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