Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sew & Tell - Meagan's Shirt and Dollie

I couldn't wait to post today's Sew & Tell. Meagan brought her baby girl, Noa, dressed in a shirt she made. OMG, I gasped when I saw her. She made this as a dress when Noa was just one month old. Now, after four months, it is a shirt perfect with the jeans. Look at her, Noa looks so styley. She is also wearing her mom's handmade hat with a ruffled fabric flower. I just love love love her layered look. And the booties! Peace everyone! No, this Sew & Tell doesn't end here...keep reading.


I got so excited when Meagan told me she made a Black Apple Doll with a matching dress with Noa's, but left it in the car. I told her to go get it so she could get sales tax free. (In case you missed this post, if you make Lucy's friend, you get the"Let's make Lucy's friend discount") When she came back, OMG I gasped even louder. Noa and her dollie! In matching outfits! What could be more adorable? The dollie without a name has been very very well loved. Her smooth felted hair is becoming nappy from being smooched. I mean so much smooching :-) Do you notice Noa's fabric flower on the hat and the dollie's ruffle on her dress? Oh I love Meagan's taste. Meagan stitched the dollie's eyes with eyelashes and lips, and rather than painted she is such a good looking doll. I was so sorry that Lucy was left at home and missed her first play date :-( It was just so so so nice to see the three of them. Such a cute family! Thank you, Meagan and Noa, and Miss Dollie!

you know how hard it is to take a picture of a five month-old with her well loved dollie looking at the camera...

oh no, don't break her legs...


Meagan used this Camden Dot in green...


  1. So great talking with you yesterday! I can't wait to make Noa a dress with that Japanese linen. I'll bring her back in when I'm done to show you. Thanks for the tips on tracing patterns, I picked up some parchment paper today.
    - Megan (& Noa)

  2. It was so much fun to see all three of you :-) I can't wait to see your next project. Thanks again.