Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sew & Tell - Ivy and Cherry's Dresses

Okay, move over the four Black Apple dollies. It's Cherry's turn. Here she is. On her second appearance. Last time she was here, I didn't know her name. Now let me officially introduce you to Miss Doll USA, Cherry! Ivy's lovely doll. You can tell how much Ivy loves her. Look at them. In absolutely matching outfits. And yes, Ivy made them. Pleats and zipper and all. Isn't this fun? Imagine. Designing a dress. Choosing a fabric. Stitching it. And dress your doll up when you finish. Sewing is the best hobby for a girl (and boy)! And a sewing machine is a girl's (and boy's) best friend. Agree? Thank you always, Ivy!

Ivy used the following fabric...the green one is no longer available.

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