Friday, March 19, 2010

A Bit of a Face Lift

If you don't know Peapod's store front has changed a bit, you haven't been here for a while. It was way overdue. I know. The shop needed and still needs some cosmetic treatments. The pale green was so damaged from the evening sun for more than four years. Even graffiti which I ignored for a year was fading. Well, I've learned that a pastel color is not right for a store exterior, so I went towards a darker color this time. Turquoise that is. The color has turned the shop more visible, and more people have noticed the shop for the first time. Still? Yup. I should have done this sooner. I hesitated to show the picture because of the ugly awning you might be able to see. Well, it came with the building, but when the owner of the building installed new shingles a year ago, they removed it and put it back unleveled. Now it looks worse. They also left lots of marks on the wall under the awning and damaged the garden. You can see the empty spot in the garden where another bush of daisy used to be. Now it is a perfect spot for an irresponsible dog owner to leave their business. I can't say enough it's hard to maintain a small teeny tiny store front. Uh, let's see what happened so other sandwich sign was stolen twice. Vandalised garden numerous times. Graffiti. And a tiny picketed fence was stolen a couple days after I installed to keep dogs out. And I'm not even talking about the business operation itself. No I don't have a budget to replace the awning yet. It is a low budget, small family operated business. The painting job was done by my trusted, but a bit frustrated boy. You could see his frustration at the brush mark above the frame :-( Maybe someday Peapod will receive a full face lift with the prettiest awning in town. Maybe even at a better location...

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