Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew & Tell - Kelly's Mr. Rabbit

Just in time for Easter, today's Sew & Tell is perfect. I guess I wasn't the only one making little stuffed friends. This is Kelly's Mr. Rabbit passing out on her baby quilt after racing against Mr. Turtle :-) Remember WB cartoons? No, I'm just kidding. He is just taking a nap, I suppose. He is wearing a seahorse body and face. Ants crawling all over his arms and ears. Mushrooms growing on his long legs. Yes, he has a long skinny body which was hard to stuff. A part of the doll making process which might frustrate you as it does me. Anyways, he is a charactor. A cute little guy! I could easily imagine he makes Kelly smile. And it is so nice to see all prints in one as a quilt. Don't you think? Thank you, Kelly!

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