Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sew & Tell - Greg's Baby Quilt

So which one of this couple you think made this quilt? Yes, you are right if you guessed the husband. You know how much I love when a man tells me he sews or quilts. I am proud to say that Peapod has a pretty good number of male customers who love to sew. Here you see one of them, Greg with his wife Irene. He is a Peapod loyal and sews regularly. He makes handkerchiefs and wears them to go to work. See one in his chest pocket? Isn't it nice? But, when he heard his friend was having a baby, he decided to make something much larger. A baby quilt, and his very first quilt ever. I am very impressed. Making the first quilt is a scary thing. I've seen many women worry so much before and during making one, but Greg was fearless. Got everything he needed, and did it with the "just do it attitude." I love that. And the result is one cute comfy quilt. He put double layered batting, and it feels so warm. And I can't believe he hand stitched the binding front and back (because it was too thick to fit under his machine's foot). No doubt it is one special quilt! Thank you for sharing, Greg and Irene!

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