Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sew & Tell - Akiko's Dresses

Well, it's October, but it seems like less people are sewing than the same time last year??? Hmn, I wondered...then Akiko and her two little girls showed up at the shop. Yay! Yes, mommy's hand made dresses are the best! Look at those cute dresses/tunics she made. Reds make it so happy. I love this large sunflower print from Japan! So bright as it represents Wakana's happy outgoing characters. Well, Kazuha was a little shy that day, but warmed up as Lucy the dolly cheered her up. Her dress is also showing her quiet girly side. Well, mom knows who they are. Good choices. Great dresses. Thank you, Akiko, Wakana, and Kazuha!

happy wakana having fun with dash...

wakana kindly put another mommy's handmade dress on for me...
blue chambray fabric is so earthy and relaxing.
it gets better and better as it gets washed...
these details stand out because of its simplicity...love it!

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