Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Banner

So, is your home ready for Halloween? I was so excited about it especially this year. This will be our first year to give away candy. All these years, we did trick or treating, but did not receive trick-or-treaters as we lived on the top floor of the three-story apartment. Now we are in a neighborhood with mostly single family homes. I was expecting more of the festive spirit. Wrong! I know some of our neighbors have little kids, but no decorations. There is no holiday spirit on our block. Sad :-( I thought I wouldn't decorate either because I didn't want to be disappointed with no kids knocking our door. But, I saw there are two houses with so much spirit next to our street. Yes! I don't care if no kids show up. I started decorating our windows with spooky ghosts and bats. I also made a little banner for the front door. This is a miniature version of my regular sized banner hang at the shop. You know they are nothing new, but mine is fused with interfacing and sewn on ric rac. This miniature version is fused, but no ric rac. Just like my felt garland, just keep feeding the flags under the foot.

no template for the flags. they are all different sizes and uneven...

looks like the door itself is a jack-o-lantern...

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