Friday, July 9, 2010

Vintage Embroidered Quilt Top

Yes, summer is in full bloom here in San Francisco. Cold, gray, and drizzling! Brrrr. But, just to get the day started, I just wanted to show you this pretty vintage quilt top that Raquel brought to share with me. It has 48 states flowers embroidered with a sign of two state blocks cut off. This photo doesn't do any justice, but it is so pretty! And so vintage! I wish they make a kit like this today as they did in the old days. Raquel is hoping to take over this quilt and finish it someday. Thank you for sharing, Raquel!

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  1. This pattern is still available on Ebay. It apparently was published in 1931 as a series in the newspaper. The original series excluded Alaska and Hawaii, but the ebay seller oldpatterns has created a pattern for those states.