Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sew & Tell - Claudia's Mini Dress/Tunic

You might know that I've been diligently promoting the Mini Dress/Tunic pattern. Making them, wearing them, and showing what others have made. And I know a lot of you became a fan of the pattern too. Well, Claudia is no exception. She is an experienced quilter, but she doesn't really sew clothing, she says. But, she decided to make one for her daughter, Elizabeth. Voila! How cute! She hesitated to be in the photo because she was having a bad hair day. What was she talking about? She looks great! Don't you agree? Thank you, Claudia and Elizabeth!


  1. Great little dress!

    Andrea @

  2. Thanks for your encouragement on the dress! I've decided to try the "Ice Cream Social" dress as a top as my next project. I'll be in for more fabric soon.

  3. claudia! it's you! can't wait to see your ice cream social dress.