Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sew & Tell - Bag Ladies' Bags

Okay, this team of mother and daughter are self-claimed bag ladies, but they don't live on the street:-) And I call them so because I forgot to ask their names. Sorry... They just LOVE bags. In a bit different way. The mom loves making them, and the daughter loves carrying them. They are both crafty, but their regions of art are different. One works with fabric. The other works with papers. And this combination is working perfectly giving love to one another. Here is how it works. The seamstress mom makes her daughter a bag, and the artist daughter returns her mom a handmade thank you card. Nice, huh? So, here both are holding Amy Butler's bags. Mom carrying Birdie Sling, daughter holing Chelsea Bag. This is my first time to see a Chelsea Bag in person. And it is cute! Thank you, bag ladies!

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