Monday, July 19, 2010

Sew & Tell - Bags, Bags, Bags

Diamonds maybe women's best friend somewhere else, but bags are women's best friend around Peapod. Handmade fabric bags, off course. They are made in the shape you like, in the size you like, and they are budget friendly. From grocery shopping to strolling in a park, they are pretty versatile too. Who needs a $200 mother's bag when you can make it for a quarter of the price. And they are speeeecial! Here are some examples to inspire you to start to sew one. Thank you for sharing, Yoko, Tina, Carmen, and Maki!!!

Yoko's pear tote. fruit prints are always happy and perfect for grocery shopping.

Tina's quilted shoulder bags. Quilting is not just for blankets, you could take it with you around town. When quilted, bags become more constructed and nicely cushioned.

Carmen's waist pouch. Very versatile as she made pouches with casing instead of stitching on the belt. They are slipped on the belt as a double waist pouch, but become individual shoulder pouches when she slips a leather strip into the casing.

Maki's oil cloth lunch bag along. It might look a little challenging, but it is not. Maybe it is the oil cloth that intimidates you. To sew oil cloth on the right side, you need to use a teflon foot, or a narrow strip of parchment paper on top just to cover where your are sewing. This will prevent the foot to stick on the oil cloth. Just sew over the parchment paper and rip it off after you are done.

The inside of the utensil roll pocket.

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