Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sew & Tell - Jacki's Linen Quilt

Two sisters, Jacki and Jamie live 400 miles apart, but they seem inseparable to me every time they come to Peapod together. So, Jacki (on the right )made this gorgeous quilt for Jamie. She was going to cut and piece this gorgeous floral print, but her mom stopped her. Because it is gorgeous by itself! So she decided to emphasise its graphic and cut and pieced other coordinated prints she chose for the back side of the quilt. The colors are so soothing and perfect with this beautiful gray linen she chose for the backing. She chose linen because Jamie lives in sunny Southern California. We are not used to seeing a quilt made of linen, but it is gorgeous! When washed, it gets a little brushed and the texture is even better with a warm feeling. And this is exactly what happened with Jacki's quilt. They both are so happy with the way it turned out. You could tell by their big smiles. A gorgeous gorgeous quilt, Jacki! Thank you, ladies! BTW, how many times did I say gorgeous?


  1. Thanks for all the time you spent with me picking the fabrics! Jamie said it matches her decor - hurray!

  2. Jackie! It's always good to see you :-) Again, it's a gorgeous quilt!