Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Shop Dog

Everyone, please meet our new addition to Peapod Fabrics. He is Dash. An eight-week old chihuahua/pekingese mixed puppy. We saw him this past Sunday (the reason to open an hour late) and picked him up this morning from the shelter. He is the reason we moved to a new place where a dog is allowed. And he is another reason we decided not to go on a road trip. Besides the Paul McCartney concert, it was another big summer event for us. He had such a big day. He spent all day with us at the shop greeting people. He is so playful and loves people! He is the cutest thing ever! We are all so excited.

Dash: I'm so exhausted.


  1. He is cute! I hope he is there when I come in next :)

  2. Thanks! He'll be here. He is curling up right next to me as I type :-)