Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sew & Tell - Yufu's Matching Dresses & Valentine Cupcakes

My sweet Valentine present was delivered by these two little sisters. Little Saho and Shino helped their mom make these cupcakes for the day of love. Well, baby Shino probably didn't help physically, but just sitting there with a smile was probably a big help :-) They thought about me when they made these...isn't this sweet? Look at these smiley cupcakes. And the packaging! It's just sooooo sweet. They were as yummy as they looked.
smiley face and rosy cheeks...
four hearts make a flower for you (me)...
Oh, don't forget Sew & Tell...the main thing here is what Yufu made for the sisters. Pink dresses for their joint birthday party in March. They just couldn't wait till the big day to wear, and I don't blame them. I like the simple style when the color already has so much statement.

Yufu also made this apron dress with a smokey retro blue floral print. This is the second dress she made from the same pattern, and Saho loves this style so much. She just can't stop acting goofy when dressed in this dress. Here is her first apron dress. Thank you Yufu, Saho, Shino for a cute sew & tell and cupcakes!

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