Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sew & Tell - Lindsay's Blanket

A busy mama, Lindsay was new to sewing just a couple months ago if I remember correctly. She was trying to get into it and she did it! She brought this blanket to share with us. She used orange and aqua prints, and the color combo is so refreshing! The blanket has a very nice feeling as she put cotton batting in between. (People, please use cotton or any natural fiber batting when you are making a blanket. No polyester period).The area in the orange pindot actually serves as a pocket to hold the blanket when it's folded for easy transportation. How clever! And it could be a perfect hiding spot for kid's favorite silliest toy when it's unwrapped. Now she has to make more. She has nieces and more babies in the family on the way. This orange aqua blanket is not for her boy. But do not worry, Calman! Your mommy will be making a lot of things you want her to make for you and your baby brother. Just ask. And ask her to go back to Peapod :-) Thank you Lindsay and thank you Calman for helping mommy hold the blanket.

She used the following prints...

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