Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sew & Tell - Eva's Dresses

What does a husband do when his wife is shopping at Peapod? Comfortable or not, some find a chair to sit in. Some others just stand there. Some say "nice..." unemotionally. Some others just nod when asked for an opinion. Oh, I almost forgot. Many men even don't come in. But, Eva is lucky. Her husband, Matt enjoys choosing fabric with her. They both were pretty excited to show me these dresses Eva made for their little girls. If you sew, you know how exciting it is to see the result in the way you exactly picutered it before you started to sew. These dresses turned out exactly how Eva pictured when she chose the fabric. They are just so pretty! I wanted to see them on the girls, but too bad...they were asleep. Maybe next time... Oh, Matt was a happy man when he saw the guitar print. Yup, Eva's next projects are a shirt for dad and dresses for daughters. You might expect see the father and daughter matching outfits next time :-) Thanks Eva and Matt !

one with a tie and another with a fabric flower pin.
pink and grey are so elegant together...

the orange one is more on a modern side with a black stripe strap.
love this simple bold statement...

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