Friday, June 15, 2012

Sew & Tell

Greg's tie is one of the examples of how different the raw fabric looks in the finished product.  It is not an easy task for many people to see the fabric on a bolt or roll to turn into a successful finished product in their head.  He certainly has an eye for it.  This Japanese indigo print looks pretty humble on the shelf, but Greg turned it into a beautiful classy tie.
Well, move over indigo tie.  It's Little Jaxen's turn :-)  He knows a tie is not just for grown-ups.  While his dad wears it for work, he wears it for his play time :-)  Sarah made this wee tie with a whimsical bicycle print.  Doesn't Jaxen look a gentleman?

Speaking of whimsical prints, what could be more whimsy than these silly owls?  Kelly always loved this print.  Who doesn't?  She used it for her little Eli's quilt, but these PJs are for his friend.  They will make the lucky boy smile for sure. 

Now let's go back to indigo again. You know school is out, and one teacher received this Birdie Sling Bag as a thank you gift.  Who is this lucky teacher?  Taye's daughter's.  Well, she is certainly enjoying the summer with this cool bag.
So I'm not the only one making  patch worked pillows with the Echo collection.  Shinobu instantly made this fun accent pillow.  See the power of patchworking?  Even without much planning, they all come together in the end.
And there is always lovely Miss Yuki.  With a lovely tank Cherie made.  Ah...
Thank you, everyone!  Great work!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Yuki's top. I love all the projects!