Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sew & Tell - Taye's Tunic

I know some people got inspired by my tunic, tunic, tunic, and finally someone came to share with us. Yay! Here is Taye's tunic from the mini dress/tunic pattern. She is always very very modest, and she knows that she chooses exactly what represents her personality. She is also very very very neat and follows exactly what I suggest. She's made a couple skirts before, but this tunic was kind a big thing for her. She came to ask me if she could make one with her old Kenmore without a zigzag function. I said yes! I told her about Flat Felled Seam, and she did it! Nice and neat! No fraying edges. She did an excellent job! She absolutely loves the result and is making another one as I type. Thank you, Taye!

Taye used the following print...

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