Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sew & Tell

Folks, please meet Debi's girls.  Sadie, Gabi, and Christina.  Before anything else, they chose sewing lessons for kicking off their summer.  They took a week of sewing camp at Debi Cournel's Sewing Studio (just around the corner from Peapod), making one project a day.  Here they are, showing their project of the day, shorts.  Can't you tell that they have been having fun?
Well, it's not only the middle school students that are enjoying their long summer break with their sewing machines. School teacher, Ellen, is taking full advantage of almost a three month long summer vacation with sewing.  Oh, don't be jealous, people.  No wonder  she looks pretty relaxed in her summer skirt. 
One of the best selling patterns at Peapod is the Birdie Sling Bag.  I have introduced you to many wonderful Birdie Slings here in a variety of fabric combinations.  Here is another example by Latisha with a cool bold Scandinavian print.  Here she is, with her proud boys, Donoban and Dexter.
You know that I love seeing more and more men being crafty.  They are still under women in numbers, but when they are crafty, they are good.  Bucky is one of them.  Here he is holding his hand bound  journal.  He didn't just cover the pre-made notebook with fabric.  He really created the whole journal.  You can't really tell from the photos, but they really show his craftmanship. 
Good job everyone and thank you!

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