Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sew & Tell - Kelly's Baby Quilt

I am happy to post another hand-quilted quilt here. It seems that more people are enjoying how meditating hand quilting is. Is it becoming a trend? Well, either by hand or machine, it is nice to know that more and more younger people find quilt making fun. This is Kelly's baby quilt and her second appearance here. The first project was Mr. Rabbit and matching quilt (or a quilt and a matching rabbit). I'm assuming the pair was a gift for someone else' baby because she didn't have a baby back then. Now she does. Just two weeks old. Aw... So she made this one for her own baby boy. Yes, she quilted it by hand. See, when you have your own baby, it's totally worth it to hand quilt. I love the simple scrap square quilt. Well, I love any scrap quilts. One of the reasons is that you see those small prints that remind you of something you made in the past. I'm sure those pieces remind Kelly of her craft history. And they all became one to wrap her precious boy. Great work, Kelly! And thank you!

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