Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sew & Tell - Yufu's Dresses

There is someone who shares my love for the inky floral print with which I made my Portfolio Top. Yufu made these two matching dresses with the same print for her two girls. Bright colors are fun in children's clothing, but I also love the subtle colors on little kids. Yufu has been making everything in a pair for two sisters, but now she has more fun dressing them as little Shino is walking hand in hand with her big sister. As the younger one walks without getting wobbly, the older one goes to kindergarten next year. Time flies, huh? Now Yufu is looking forward to sewing another dress for Saho's preschool graduation. The pattern is from this book. Good job, Yufu! And thank you girls!

yeah, mom had to bribe the girls to sit still for the photo shoot...

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