Friday, May 27, 2011

Class Picnic Blouse & Shorts

I started to transfer the pattern pieces for Oliver + S' new pattern, Class Picnic Blouse & Shorts. I just love their naming. It represents the style perfectly . The first thing I do before sewing is to trace the original pattern pieces on a tracing paper. I never cut my original patterns. Keeping the original pattern as is gives you the second chance. If the size you've made doesn't work, you can make it again in a different size. I usually get a roll of paper from an art supply store, but now those sewing tracing papers are available at Peapod for $14 per roll (a pretty fat roll). Place the transfer paper on the pattern pieces and trace the lines as I did in this photo. Then cut them to be placed on the fabric. I've completed cutting the fabric pieces today and hopefully I can show you the finished products in a day or two.

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