Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Work in Progress

Nope, it's not done yet. This is where I am, and I am confused...and my nose is stuffy...and my head pounds...and my sinus hurts. Both my boy and I got sick while on the road this weekend. Yes, I made it to Salt Lake City, Utah for Quilt Market. But, I wasn't able to visit all the booths I originally planned to stop by. Well, it will be another post on that.


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  2. I find online pattern reviews helpful when figuring out if there's difficulties or odd things with a pattern. You can join the site for free. Only looked quickly, but it seems like others have hit rough spots with this pattern, too, especially around the zipper: Probably need an unstuffed head to not get more stuck...

    Feel better soon! Looking forward to seeing what you found at Quilt Market, too!