Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Quilt Market

So I made it to the Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City over the weekend. As usual, I didn't plan this trip in advance. It was a last minute trip as I was able to book a room at where a pet was allowed. The Market was bigger than what I expected, and I knew I needed more time to visit as many booths as possible. But, I was in such a hurry to visit those booths because I knew my boy was getting sick of waiting for me while wandering around down town with Dash. I wasted so much time walking back and forth on the aisles looking for those companies. I was so worried about the kid and the dog that I didn't even think there was a booth map in the booklet I received at the door. Luckily I came across the booth where I saw a familiar face. It was Liesl Gibson! Her booth was as lovely as her smile with a full of the Oliver + S aesthetics. I quickly introduced myself to her and told her how much my customers and I love her patterns. I couldn't believe I wasn't wearing my new Portfolio top to show off (well, it's still buttonless and sitting in my bedroom). Anyways, she was very very nice. Then I was back on the aisles. As I fast-walked aisles to aisles, I started forgetting who I was visiting. I was just walking worrying about my boy and dog. Then, a little navy P-jacket caught my eyes from a little corner booth. Pattern's by Figgy's. The logo looked familiar. Hey, I have their patterns, I remembered. I love their simple classic designs! I brought a few of their new patterns back home. Yeah, more patterns to sew, ladies. I was so sorry that I didn't have time to go back to visit more booths (yeah, after a 12 hour drive), but here are some photos I managed to take.

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