Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shop Talk

I've been meaning to update, but I've honestly been feeling down a bit. Trust me, it's hard to be a small business owner :-) Something has been bothering me. I actually hesitated to post this, but I thought it is reasonable to state how I feel on my own blog. I usually share my happy feelings only...because who wants to hear me bitching about something, right? Some people might know that there is a sign in the store saying exactly the same in this photo, and I appreciate you respecting the store policy. Some of you have asked before taking your camera out of your purse. But, unfortunately some people have just started shooting without even asking as soon as they stepped in the store. They might claim that they didn't see the sign, but I find it extremely rude to take pictures in any space with or without a sign. I can't even imagine myself taking pictures without asking in an intimate store space. And I assure you that every small store owner will agree with me. Before the sign, it had happened a lot. I was feeling violated inside, and regretted that I didn't say anything. I was afraid that people would take what I would have said wrong. The sign is there for a few reasons for Peapod. One absolute reason is that some of my works are saved for my future project. My own craft book! Publishing my own sewing/craft book has been my long term goal in the past decade. This is why I have never posted their pictures here. When I am ready, I will make them public with my own photos on my own blog. Not by sneakly taken photos on someone else's website. Yes, they are in the public eyes by being at the shop, but it is to inspire you. And I really appreciate your compliments on them. So while I appreciate your love for my store, I will ask you to respect the store policy. Thank you.


  1. You Have every right to ask that people enjoy your art and not copy it or whatever else they have in mind. I can hardly wait for your book...I love your style...go PEAPOD