Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Good morning! The sun is shining. Had yogurt. Went for a walk with the tail wagging dog. Came home. Had a croissant and eggs. And I've been on hold with my web hosting tech guys on the phone...for how long? My aging phone might run out the battery before they pick up the phone. This has been going on since yesterday as I've been trying to replace the cover photo of my website for February. So I will see how long they take to fix this problem. Stay tuned...


  1. hello! i was in today to pick up almost all of your last momo fabric for my placemats, and now i wish i had taken the rest. do you mind saving it for me and i can come by this friday to purchase the rest?

    tina (

  2. tina, sorry i've been neglecting to come here in the past couple of days. i didn't see your request until now. and i am afraid that the last momo piece was sold yesterday. next time, please call for this kind of request. sorry again...

  3. oh, it's okay. i ended up finding it on etsy. i appreciate the reply and will definitely call next time. thank you!!