Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Man Cave

So my first sewing/crafting project in 2011 happened to be a birthday banner and garland for my boy. The last birthday party I hosted was when he was in the fourth grade, I think. Most of the time, it was at gramp's house with the family. But, this year he wanted to have a party with his friends. Not a cute "birthday party" party. You know...hang out with buddies kinda party. So my mission was to clean the garage and make a man cave. We don't have a finished room in the garage, so it is dark and cold with exposed structures. It was full of crap with our moving boxes just piled up in the middle of the space. Most people probably wouldn't even think about having a party down there (more convincing if I had a "before" picture). But, I saw the potential :-) I cleaned the years of dust and spider webs and covered the unfinished walls with my fabric. A kind of groovy pattern for the teenagers' taste. I gathered my Christmas lights once again to lighten up the dark space. I searched on Craig's list for a reasonable priced second hand mirror ball, but no luck. So to brighten up the space more, I made a felt garland again. My Christmas felt garland I made several years ago (you see them at the shop) was rejected by the birthday boy due to its girlish colors. I also made a happy birthday banner. I thought the space looked a lot happier. We brought our bulky TV down and furnished around it. All they wanted to do was to play a video game, you know. I set up a buffet with pizzas, nachos, buffalo wings, and drinks...well, in front of the washer and dryer :-) And the man cave was good to go.

a chocolate cheesecake, the birthday boy's favorite...
10 kids playing a video game and watching a movie in the man cave, or should i call it a 1/2 (half) man cave?
a shooting game (please no hate emails from concerned mothers) and toy story...this is what i love about high school freshmen :-) they are good kids...


  1. The space looks great! It reminds me of the basement hangout on "That '70's Show.".

  2. thanks! but i have to watch the show to compare.