Friday, January 14, 2011

Sew & Tell - April's Baby Quilt

Here is the very first Sew & Tell in 2011. April's baby quilt! She came to pick up some fabric for her second quilt yesterday and told me that I helped her to pick up those prints. I said, "I did?" She thanked me for that, but I think I should thank her more for taking a step to make a quilt. After all, it is her first quilt. It is for her friend's baby who will be seeing the world very soon, and April will share the amazing moment in the delivery room with her friend. Isn't it great? It will be a very special moment for them. The quilt is a little too big for the new born, but I'm sure she will be bundled by this special quilt and lots of love from everyone. Thanks April and have a safe trip!

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