Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sew & Tell - Salumeh & Marty's Re-upholstered Chair

Salumeh usually visits Peapod with her boyfriend (or husband?) Marty who patiently waits while Salumeh shops. I had no idea he had this secret hobby of his. With Salumeh's sewing skills, he re-upholstered an old chair. Look at it! It looks GREAT! With the piping and everything. It is very comfortable too. They used one of my favorite fabrics called Heath in gray. I was waiting for someone to transfer this cool print into something. It is in heavy weight and perfect for a project like this. I was actually eyeing this fabric for my own chair project (if it ever happens). This chair encourages me to take a step for it. Great work, Salumeh and Marty! And thank you!

well, someone had to test the chair...he found it comfy too!

they used the following print...

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