Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sew & Tell - Messenger Bag Two Versions

We all love messenger bags. Stylish. Versatile. And super functional! Today, I will show you two different messenger bags by two different different age groups.

Alyssa's mom, Lisa, threw a sewing party for Alyssa's birthday. As I recall, the birthday girl is nine. Lisa provided all the party attendees basic canvas as a main fabric and some fun prints for the applique. Oh, and the cake :-) After that Alyssa and her friends picked up the scissors, needles, threads, and ever expanding creativity, and voila! Can you see owls in the night forest? What a fun bag, Alissa! And a great party, Lisa! Thank you, both!

And now, it's a bit mature version of a messenger bag. Here you see Erin's simple taupe herringbone messenger bag. The wider strap is not just comfy, but it makes it styly. Try it. I love her relaxed style combined with a modern linear bag and lovely corsage on her hair. And is that a crochet pin on her chest? What a lovely lady! Thank you, Erin!


  1. cute! I love the messenger bag! I made a few this summer as gifts when I was visiting my sisters. They are just perfect for travel.

  2. yes, i agree. they are perfect for travel. and they are great gifts.