Friday, September 17, 2010

The Graduate

Woof everyone. Dash here. Happy Friday to you. I finished a Puppy 101 class this week. I think I'm a better canine citizen now. I listen to commands like Sit, Down, Leave it, Roll over, Shake, and High five. People say I'm so cute when I give them a high five. You know I have to entertain them as a shop dog :-) I look at my mama when she says "Focus" unless a man walks by with a big juicy burger. I also "Stay" when she says so until she says "All done." I know I am a quick learner and my mama told me I was the smartest in the class. But, you know why I listen to her? Because she always gives me yummy treats. I have to admit I'm obsessed with liver and salmon treats. She even gave me real salmon meat last night. She said it was my graduation gift. It was sooooo delish.
I think my mama is the best :-)

they put this silly hat on me for this snap shot...oh, humans...

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