Monday, September 13, 2010

Making a Plus Quilt Block

I don't usually do the tutorial thing just because I am lazy. When I sew, I just want to finish. Not even thinking to pause and take photos in the process. I had tried to show you how to make my layered skirt with the simple illustrations in the past. But, I ran out of the energy, so I just left it. Same with the doggy bandanna. I also tried to do the quilt-along thing, but another failure...sorry. Maybe I will complete to do so in the near future. But, I did take some photos for this plus quilt block. I am usually no follower to a pattern, so this is my version of making it. My blocks will be not universal in size as the crosses are uneven. Just because I like the imperfect look, and I also want to use my scraps for this quilt. The colors are mainly grays and blues just because I have a lot of left overs from my first all solid quilt. Orange is added as my boy requested, and I love the way it looks against grays. So far, my finished blocks range from 13' x 15" to 18" x 18". It would have been easier to make every block and the cross the same size, so I could have cut the pieces the same size without thinking.
cut the main block piece in two lengthwise. i cut mine unevenly so it would be an irregular cross.

then cut the cross piece (green) about the same length as the main piece (gray).

sew the green and the gray pieces together.

when all three pieces are sewn, cut it in half crosswise. again, mine was cut unevenly.

then cut the other cross piece as the same height as the main pieces.

this is how it looks like when all the three pieces are sewn together.
this piece is about 17" x 18".

the back side of the block. i don't press the seams open. this will help enforce the seams. press the seam to the darker color side so that the color of the seam won't be so visible from the front side (no worries if the both colors are light. in that case, just press it to either side). this is something i read in some books when i started to teach myself quilting way back.


  1. I love this! I don't like to use patterns either and this seems such a simple and great way to use up my scraps. Thanks for the inspriation!