Friday, May 7, 2010

Sew & Tell - Dana's Camisole Dress

It looks like someone is loving her Black Apple Dolls. She loved it so much her mom made her three at once. This is Emmeline. Here she is wearing a pink birdie camisole dress her mom, Dana, made. She made this for their vacation on a beach down south. I'm sure the dress was a perfect fit for their colorful culture. Emmeline is also holding Black Apple Dolls along with Black Apple Bunny. The dollie sisters have beautiful blue eyes just like Emmeline. They also have very creative names that reflect their owner, and the only name I could remember was "Cupcake" :-) She has the most creative mind, and I know where it is coming from...she's been raised by the most creative mom and dad. This is her only second appearance in Sew & Tell, but her parents sew like crazy for her, and her dad, Mike, has a blog to prove it. I was over at Mike's and found out Emmeline and Mike were on a local TV show. Check here if you want to find out hidden fun family activities in San Francisco under $10 or just simply want to see how cute they look on TV. Thanks always, Emmeline, Dana, and Mike!

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