Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home in Progress

I'm very tired, and my neck pain continues. This morning I had my very first experience with a chiropractor. It was a bit scary, but oh boy, it felt good. I never knew my whole body would crack that much :-) I'm kind of looking forward to my future visits. Meanwhile, our new place is gradually becoming livable without us getting frustrated. We still can't locate a nail clipper though :-)

I can't decide where to hung the clock, so it stays on the built-in shelving for now...


  1. hope you're feeling better and becoming more settled in your new home

  2. Dianne! I'm feeling better now. Thanks to the second chiro session today :-)

  3. Looks bright and cosy already!

    They say for good luck that you should always get a new broom for a new home (probably so you don't carry your "old dirt" to a new place). Maybe you need a new nail clipper, too!