Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sew & Tell - Akiko's tunic

You know I love my girls so much, but it seems like someone else loves my Molly more than I do. Well, it's not a competition, but for sure a three years old Kazuha enjoys playing with her more than I do :-) Here she is wearing a tunic her mom, Akiko, made. The pattern is from one of the Japanese books, but sorry, I forgot the name. Her big sister, Wakana, has the same tunic, but she wasn't wearing it this day. Their mom usually makes everything in a pair in different prints for the sisters. As a mother of a boy, I say how fun it would it be! I make outfits for two little girls! Kazuha was totally in her own world putting Molly to bed using fabric as a blanket. It was so cute I could have watched her for hours. I told her to ask her mom to make a dollie for her, but she shook her head. She simply wanted Molly. But, at the end she understood Molly belongs to Peapod, and she returned her on the shelf where Billy-Jean and Lucy waited. Then, she gave me the sweetest, tenderest hug. It almost made me cry :-) Thank you, Akiko, Wakana, and Kazuha! I hope your mom makes you a dollie :-)

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