Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mini Quilt Book - isbn 978-0-8118-6873-0

Remember this photo shooting? I've been looking so forward to this book to come out since then. It is a lovely book with beautiful photos taken by Leigh Beisch. In the States, when you see a beautiful craft/sewing book with beautiful styling, it is usually from Chronicle Books which is based in beautiful San Francisco. I noticed three shots taken at Peapod. But...but...there is no Peapod's name credited as it was supposed be :-( A big disappointment for me! So I have to give Peapod credit myself that these photos were taken at Peapod Fabrics!!! Anyways, if you want to try your first quilt, this book will help you to start something small.


  1. You really should email or leave a comment on the author's website. I see this book being heavily promoted right now on various quilter's blogs.

  2. Wow, what a promotion! Thanks for the tip, but I'm not really good at promoting myself...I contacted the photographer though. I just wish the book well so they will acknowledge Peapod on the reprints :-)