Monday, April 26, 2010

Sew & Tell - Yufu's layered Skirts & Dollies

Yufu's little girls got a new addition to their wardrobe. She made these double layered skirts with the green tulip print and limey green solid. They are so springy! You know these girls love pink, and it is not that easy to convince them to wear some colors outside their comfort zone. But, the result is that they love it! A skirt for a little girl is super easy to make in general. Just fold fabric in half lengthwise facing the right sides together and sew to make a big tube. Then hem the top and bottom and put the elastic through the top casing. An instant skirt done in 30 minutes. You could add the band on the bottom, or add another layer underneath like these skirts. I promise you if you have a little girl, you might be making it in mass production like Yufu. Thanks always, Yufu, Saho, and Shino!

look at these dollie sisters! saho named them dollie saho and dollie shino :-)
yufu used this print...five other colors available...

the girls are happy together :-)

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