Monday, June 24, 2013

From the Sewing Nook...

It's been a week, but how was your Fathers' Day, everyone?  Sadly, Fathers' Day is treated as if less important than Mothers' Day.  Maybe it is because it's hard to think of a gift for men in general. But, that's not the case for the twins. Well, thinking of the right gift, yes, it was hard. But, it is as important as Mother's Day. So our secret (maybe not so secret after the Mother's Day mission) plan had begun. There were a few project possibilities that came up, but we decided on the eyeglass case...because "Daddy always loses his glasses," the twins said.
Amelia cozily sewing a pincushion for her aunt who is a quilter.  A perfect gift for her...
Sarah is quilting the eyeglass case...her first quilting work!
Sarah is on a roll...finished the case and went on to the cat...
Oh no!!!  I pinned the right and the wrong side together instead of the right and right, but it was a good lesson.  Remember girls, learn from your mistakes and a seam ripper is a sewer's best friend. 
Here it is!  The pink button is their choice, but their father likes pink according to them, and it picks up with the pink glasses on the fabric.  Sarah did a superb job on the quilting!  I'm sure their dad loves it and hope he won't loose his glasses anymore.
They made a couple more things for other members of their family whom they will see at the family reunion.  I forgot to take photos again :-(

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