Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chambray Quilt and Couch Dog

My chambray quilt looks like it's done, but not quite.  I'm still working on quilting it.  After trying a few different ways, I decided to hand quilt it.  So I'm sitting on the couch and quilting.  I try not to get the dog's hair on it, but my dog doesn't care.  As soon as I spread the quilt on my lap to work on, he tries to snuggle under the quilt.  But, I can't kick him off the couch.  He already loves the quilt and looks too cute.
Yep, this is my view...


  1. Dash might be wanting his very own special quilt! Like this dog:

  2. yep, dash deserves a special quilt. maybe the maisy's beautiful!