Friday, July 5, 2013

Sew & Tell

Sophie made these Badminton Skort and Top from Oliver + S.  Too bad that they are not on her little girl to show off.  Really, the photo doesn't do it any justice here.  She was kinda exhausted after making these because this patten requires a lot of attention to detail.  In the process, she began to wonder if her efforts would be worth it in the end.  But, yes, of course, it was all worth making.  Her girl loved it!
Little details count...
Uh oh...what's Dash doing on Marilyn's quilt?  No, no Dash...this is way too pretty for your doggie bed.  You know how nasty your bed is.  This is supposed to be spread on her niece's bed.  She just kindly let you pose on it for the photo. I hope you understood.  Anyway, every star block is unique, and the colors are just gorgeous! 
And here is Shane in her yellow jacket which she made for her friend's birthday.  I couldn't believe how well it was made.  What a birthday present!
Yes, she is the girl with the magic hands.  The black kitty was born by her hands.  Hand embroidered!  And yes, her friend has a black cat. 
She used Kona yellow cotton and lined it with blue woven cotton.  Then she quilted it with batting in between.  Her friend lives in Portland, Oregon, so it's perfect to keep her warm and happy with the sunshine color. 
Her original screen printed label makes the jacket even more special.
And here is Shane again without the Jacket.  Her hand made shirt was just darn cute not to grab the camera although the fabric was not from Peapod.  The shirt has short sleeves, and no, the print on her arms are her lovely tattoos.  It looks like the shirt was meant to go with the tattoos, no?


  1. I was nearly one hour in your blog and there are so great things to see.
    Corina from germany