Monday, October 1, 2012

Sew & Tell

Heidi looked so cute when she stopped by on a warm day in her camisole dress.  She used the Burda pattern 8071, but she put a little twist of her own.  She used  different fabrics for the top and skirt.  This is what we love about handmade outfits.  I love the brown and blue floral.  I love the chocolate brown.  And I love the combination of the two even more.  I think her dress looks so much more inspirational than the pattern cover.  Don't you think? 
I've mentioned that Bonnie makes quilts like three meals a day.  No, I'm not exaggerating.  That's how she is.  Really.  It seems to me that she finishes one quilt a week.  Thanks to her, I'm learning so much about quilting.  This one is another baby quilt for her daughter's friend's baby.  Yes, her daughter loves it.  While her friend's baby girl enjoys this quilt, I'm sure Bonnie is making another one as I type this post. 
After I introduced you to my Lemon Square quilt (still a work in progress), some of you got inspired and started your own Lemon Square.  Diann is one of them.  She and I talked about getting together with our quilts in progress over wine.  Wouldn't it be fun?  We'll do it someday and you guys are all invited.  But, she finished her quilt before it ever happened :-)  She shrunk the originally planned size and made it a baby quilt for her friend's baby.  She started it with navy, but she added red to make it more baby boyish without looking too babyish as she shifted her plan.  She also made a sack in the bunting print to put the quilt in which also matches the backing.  I love that! 
Women sew.  Women quilt.  And then there is Sam.  Sam the soon-to-be a father who sews.  Actually he just got a sewing machine for the first time and just wanted to play with it.  Play with it?  This is what was born after he played with it.  Amazing!  He didn't even use a pattern.  He just traced his favorite shirt to make his own.  And this is his very first sewing project ever.  I love his brave heart!  And the shirt!  The Cat in the Hat shirt!  Oh, I can tell already that he is getting a lot of compliments.  Soon he'll be strolling down the street with his baby boy in the matching shirt because he is planning to make a wee size for the boy.  Oh, I can't wait to see them together :-)
Here, look closer...
Thank you, everyone!  Love your work!

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