Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Sewing Class

There will be a sewing class on Sunday the 21st.  We will be making boxed pouches just like these in the photos.  This will be the first sewing class at the 1400 Irving location.  I used to offer them at our old location, but the space was just too small to be fully functional.  But, I've been thinking about it for a long time because so many of you have asked me.  So after much thinking, I am finally offering one.  More classes may be available later on, but for now this class is the only one.  Here are the details. 
You will need to make a payment to reserve your spot.  Please call or drop by in person to do so.  I will provide the materials list then, which are all available for purchasing at Peapod.  You will also need to bring your own sewing machine and basic tools so that you will get more comfortable with your own machine and tools.  The class might be cancelled if the minimum number of people don't sign up.  Then I will make a full refund to you.  Cancellation policy is as follows and please note that there will be no exceptions.
Full refund - 7 days before the class is scheduled. 
A half refund - 2 days before the class
No refund - 1 day before the class 
Please understand that I work hard to make the project as easy as possible for you to work considering many factors.  For example, I think about how much time is needed for the beginners to finish.  If it takes too long because of the difficulties, I make changes to the details (without loosing its pretty looks) so everyone can finish it in time.  This will have an effect on the reasonable class fee too.  Whether it is workable on your average quality sewing machine is another factor I consider because most of us don't own an industrial power machine.
Remember my elephant boxed pouch from the summer?  I made it before my camping trip in July thinking about offering classes on this pouch. 
The pouch in action on our camping table in the woods...
So who wants to sign up?

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