Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We get some folks coming to ask for a soft material to make a baby blanket.  They see it at a store, but they want to make it themselves.  Those baby blankets sold at a fancy boutique are often backed with a material called chenille.  I know they are soft and smooth, and many expecting mothers want it.  But, what they don't know is chenille fabric you see at most chain stores is synthetic, not natural fibers like cotton or linen.  Personally I much prefer natural fibers.  Especially for a baby.  So we carry cotton flannel instead.  They are soft, smooth, and give you a much warmer feeling.  It is just different from those made of plastic fibers.  There are not many prints available at Peapod, but what we have is cute, just the right amount of kiddy cuteness that even grown-ups can use for their pajamas.  We tend to stock more basic flannel like plain or dots so you can combine it with a fun print in the regular cotton.

From the giraffe print down are a few of the new comers in the regular medium weight cotton...


  1. Love these new fabrics.
    I need to get back to your shop sometime later this summer and visit you. There was some indigo fabric that you had that I probably should have bought. I am planning to visit Kyoto soon. If there is a fabric shop there that is a 'don't miss', let me know! Best wishes.

  2. Especially LOVE those origami flannels! Just in time for our nice cool SF summers.