Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday

dash totally melting in the morning sun...

I was so jealous of you guys who were able to enjoy the gorgeous weekend outdoors. But the weather continued onto my day off. Yay! So dash and i enjoyed this beautiful Monday together 100 %. 

My original plan for dinner was pasta with homemade pesto, but the weather was too hot and it was perfect for Japanese cold udon.  A very common dish on a dog summer day or night in Japan.  I made a few small side dishes including enoki and shitake mushroom sauteed with snow peas, a cucumber and seaweed sweet vinegar marinated salad called sunomono, and a fried egg on a bed of spinach.  Yes, I cleaned my refrigerator and it was a good thing.  Because the cold udon dish is so light, it goes well with some protein prepared in oil. It would have been better if we had tempura to go with it, but tempura?  Just too much work.  And believe me this is pretty good for me to prepare a complete Japanese meal. 

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