Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pizza Al Pesto

pizza again?  no, for the sake of the creator of the no-knead pizza dough, i just had to revise my review on this.  it is gooood.  i said that it could've been a bit crunchier for my liking, but the first pizza was simply under baked.  see, my oven is pretty old and it tends to overcook everything i bake.  so i usually set the timer five minutes shorter than the recipes say.  it felt a bit chewy because of that.  and batch after batch, it only got better and better.  last night i baked one with marinara for the boy's lunch.  this morning i baked one for my lunch with pesto.  and tonight i baked one with half pesto and half marinara.  it had the best crust of all. 
i couldn't believe what happened.  uh oh...can i help to clean the floor, mama? 
our last batch of dough half pesto, half marinara.  the best...

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