Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Window Gallery

Some of you may have noticed something is different on Peapod's window space. It has become a small art gallery for handcrafters and artists. It currently exhibits handcrafted pottery by a ceramist, Yuko Sato (aka Nama) of Nama-ya. Yuko has nearly 30 years of experience in ceramics both in Japan and San Francisco. Her ceramics are earthy, whimsical, and truly original. It is well-known that the Japanese eat with five senses, and her rustic style for sure makes the traditional Japanese cuisine "shine," but her style is versatile enough to suit in any table setting. Here is what she says about her pottery in her own words. "I love to make simple and natural tableware because their purpose is to let the food "shine" and be the star. However, some of my more playful designs with catfish or monkey drawings make people smile, that would also be a joy for me."

The window gallery is available for anyone whose work is suitable to Peapod's taste for a very reasonable price. So, if you need a little gallery to show your work, please email me (with your info) for more details.


  1. The gallery space a wonderful addition to your shop! Nama-ya is a beautiful match to your style.

    Dash didn't let you forget that he is part of the "display" and charm of your shop, too!

    Are the pieces available to purchase at your store, or only for display? (Look perfect for a gift I need soon, along with a bit of your fabric...)

  2. Hi, Lark,
    Nama from Nama-ya here :)
    Thanks for your warm comment. These are all on sale. New items will be brought on Friday, also. I'd happy to accept your order through Peapod FAbric, or directly to nama-ya.com. I hear Peapod may have its table setting items (fabric) towards Holiday season. If you are interested, please check back soon!